Become a Honeywell Contractor Pro

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The Honeywell Contractor Pro Program is designed to reward loyal Honeywell contractors with a points program that can be applied to gain free product, co-op advertising dollars, and a variety of other benefits as briefly outlined below.  The Star Supply Company is uniquely dedicated to make this program even easier for our participating contractors that purchase their Honeywell products from The Star Supply Company by working directly with Honeywell on all reporting aspects in order to help reduce or remove your administrative burden.  Please note that certain restrictions or charges may apply on this program.  Contact our Sales Manager or ask your dedicated Sales Representative to discuss this exciting program.

Membership Benefits:

Lead Generation - Listing on Honeywell's consumer web-site (, which generates 2 million unique visitors and generates over 60,000 leads on an annual basis.


Sales Literature - Free, professionally designed literature is available in order to help you close additional sales


Points Program - Earn points on every eligible purchase and accrue those points in order to redeem them for free Honeywell products or Honeywell  co-op advertising or promotion


Technical Support and Training Support - Exclusive technical support for residential products and live as well as on-line training is available directly from Honeywell


Personal Use Discounts and Other Special Offers - Exclusive discounts and other special offers, such as product samples and bonus offers are directly from Honeywell

Honeywell Contractor Pro Application