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The Star Supply Company Rebate Forms


AHRI Trane System Match-Ups

Connecticut Utilities:

2018 CT Rebates

Note: The CT Residential furnace, gas boiler, and ductless heat pump rebates, as well as the CT Commercial heating and hot water rebates are processed as part of the upstream program. Please contact Inside Sales for details and qualifying products. 

2017 CT Rebates

2016 CT Rebates


For more information or any questions regarding these rebate programs you may call The Star Supply Company or:


For Residential Rebates:

UI/SCG/CNG: Lisa Boba


                        P: 203-499-2660

Eversource: Jesus Pernia


                      P: 860-665-5331


For Commercial Rebates:

UI/SCG/CNG: Amanda Gavagan


                        P: 203-499-2568

Eversource: Michael Doty


                      P: 860-665-3386


Massachusetts Utilities:

2017 MA Rebates

For additional MA rebates, please visit www.masssave.com/en/rebates.


2016 MA Rebates


Federal Tax Credit Manufacturer's Certificates


For more information on Federal Tax Credits, visit www.energystar.gov.